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Welcome to the online-shop of Cantina Toblino!

Cantina Toblino, since 1960 in the heart of the Valle dei Laghi, an area of ​​centuries-old winemaking tradition not far from the Lake and Toblino Castle, a perfect climate and several terroirs where our winegrowers and oenologists produce excellent grapes and wines.

To date, our winegrowers are more than 600 with almost 850 hectares of vineyards. The attention they pay to the care of the vineyard is very high, a continuous manual work that requires passion and patience.

Discover our products of the Classici, Selezioni and Trento DOC line.

Cantina Toblino recommends


€ 20,50

TRENTO DOC Grape variety: Chardonnay, native of Burgundy, which has found its ideal soil and climate conditions in Trentino. Vineyards: on the well-exposed hills of the Valle dei Laghi, with an airy climate and a wide temperature range between daytime and night. Vinification & Aging: after the vinification and refinement of the sparkling wine base until the spring following the harvest, we proceed with the draft in the bottle. Thus begins the second fermentation in the bottle and a long period of maturation in contact with the yeasts that lasts for almost 36 months. Slight movements of the bottle allow the yeasts to interact better with the other components of the wine, giving it unique characteristics. Finally, we proceed with disgorgement and dosage, always maintaining the freshness that characterizes Trento Doc mountain bubbles. Harvest year: 2017 Organoleptic Characteristics: an intense straw yellow color with greenish hues, a very fine and persistent perlage, typical of the best vintage wines (from grapes from the indicated vintage). On the nose, it is pleasantly fruity with notes of bread crust, dry pastry and minerals. Antares Brut Trento Doc Millesimato has an excellent structure, but at the same time it is fresh with an excellent persistence.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Tasting & Pairing: to be served in tulip shaped glasses at a temperature of 6-8°C. Antares Brut Trento Doc Millesimato is an excellent aperitif, but it is also perfect for any meal. Preferably to be consumed within a few years of disgorgement.



€ 38,50

TRENTINO DOC BIO   Grape Variety: Pinot Noir in purity, the nobility and elegance of Burgundy combined with the harmony of the Valle dei Laghi. Vineyards: a vineyard of over 10 years, in the period of its maximum expression, located at 250m above sea level on a soil of glacial origin and of calcareous and silicate composition, which increases the minerality and flavor of the wine. Harvest: in mid-September, carefully following the climatic and vegetative trends of the year, manual harvesting and selection of the grapes. Harvest year: 2018 Vinification & Aging: shortly after crushing-destemming, the must undergoes alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts in truncated conical oak vats. Subsequently it is decanted into small French oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place which lasts for over 20 days, giving the wine an almost velvety consistency. After this phase, the wine ages for over 10 months in the same small oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation took place shortly before. The wine is then decanted into steel tanks where it remains until bottling. Finally, it concludes its refinement with a few months in the bottle, acquiring with the passage of time an elegant structure and an intriguing organoleptic complexity. Organoleptic Characteristics: delicate and brilliant ruby ​​red. With a refined aroma with hints of raspberry and cranberries, accompanied by a slightly spicy touch of vanilla and nutmeg. A melody of aromas that finds its perfect fulfillment in the mouth, with an extremely elegant entrance, round and enveloping palate with notes of red fruit and spices, soft and perfectly integrated tannin. Round, harmonious and persistent finish, which makes the heart beat for refinement and innate elegance. Tasting & Pairing: we recommend serving in large glasses at 16-18 ° C, following a medium decantation. An excellent combination for red meats with delicate flavors such as beef tartare or roast veal flavored with rosemary, but also with soft aged cheeses and game.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ Aging: from 5 to 7 years, to make the heart jump from the first glance, even deeper and more intense with the passage of time.



€ 26,70

TRENTINO DOC BIO Grape Variety: Pinot Bianco in purity, when the white of Burgundy meets the symmetry of the Valle dei Laghi. Vineyards: a vineyard of just under 10 years, still young but able to give its best, located at 250m above sea level on a gravelly and sandy soil of glacial origin, which creates a distinctly mineral wine. Harvest: from early to mid-September, carefully following the climatic and vegetative trend of the vintage, manual collection and selection of the grapes. Harvest year: 2018 Vinification & Aging: shortly after the soft pressing of the grapes, the must is partly divided into steel where it undergoes a short fermentation with cold maceration, in terracotta amphorae where it remains in contact with the skins for the next 7 months. After this phase, the different parts are assembled and then further refined in steel until bottling, more than 10 months after the harvest. A few months of bottle aging follow to obtain a perfect organoleptic balance. Organoleptic Characteristics: intense straw yellow with golden hues. With a delicate, harmonious, mineral scent. The fruit recalls cedar, apple, kiwi with a hint of white flowers, hawthorn and flint. A light spicy note accompanies and completes the picture. A precise entry into the mouth, with a fresh, savory and pleasantly balanced palate, surrounded by fruity and floral scents with mineral hints. A long, persistent finish that leaves great freshness and balance. Tasting & Pairing: it is recommended to serve in medium-sized glasses at 8-10 ° C. An excellent accompaniment to appetizers based on white fish, sea shellfish, risotto with aromatic herbs and lake fish such as trout and char, delicate white meats, fresh and medium-aged cheeses.​​​​​​​ Further Aging: from 3 to 5 years, to be drunk fresh but also after a short time in the bottle, to appreciate its evolution even more.